BD Capture

Creating an Integrated Effort to Win

We offer a full range of business development and consulting services that can be tailored to address your unique business objectives. Our focus is on those service and product offerings that deal in innovation and disruptive technologies that support the Federal mission. Our Secure By Design Team is experienced in building and growing federal business, as we understand how to translate that information into actionable business intelligence that provides a critical competitive edge. We also help you craft an innovative unique Federal message, one that separates you from the crowd.

Market Analysis

Through our teams’ extensive experience, connections, industry knowledge and our tools; we can help you determine the most viable and strongest markets to pursue. These results will identify the highest growth potential for these markets based upon budgetary, technology, federal agency, buying trends, key events, and policy trends.

Our Secure By Design team links Exhibit 53, Exhibit 300, Project and Contract Actions together with Contract Activities and CIO Evaluation Comment history. Linking this data provides a rich insight into the status of IT investments.

Account Planning

The Secure By Design team fills in all missing pieces here, so you have all the relevant information that you need, on your dashboard for executive decisions. We provide updated org charts of the agency IT and Cyber divisions and identifying who the decision makers are that you need to be in front of.

Our Secure By Design Team will be a major contributor to a federal contractor’s Account Planning and capture process, providing a focus on the government client’s funding and business drivers. We will confirm agency priorities, trends (budgetary and strategic), decision makers, pain points, and challenges. We will combine that data with identifying potential teaming partners, critical programs, and the competitive landscape to be aware of when building this overall account strategy.

Pipeline Development

Building a qualified and updated pipeline is the foundation. Our team will work with you to develop the most relevant pipeline that maps to your company’s past performance, capabilities, level of innovation, and overall growth strategy. The Secure By Design team uses our connections and analysis (overlapping a host of tools) to identify and qualify the opportunities that provide the highest pwin. Our data mining tools craft art and science together to materially accelerate the pipeline process, saving time, frustration, and pain.

All this data comes together into a Complete Business Development Report that incorporates all these factors tailored to your specific needs. Next comes the weekly/bi-weekly cadence and the underlying discipline to carry it out successfully.

Let’s Make a Plan, then Work the Plan

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