Secure By Design is an Ambassador for the Agency Deep Dive series (with Glenn Robinson). This session is geared for serious BD & Capture Teams winning work at DOC. We will go over the entire organizations of the Department of Commerce- the mission, the leaders, the upcoming opportunities, funding streams, the current programs, incumbents and much more. Our slide deck for DOC will probably be close to 1000 pages and the recording of the session is made available to all paid attendees.

DOC Speakers so far: Jamie Holcombe, CIO for USPTO and Allison McCall, CIO for NTIS. More are seeking approval.

So why DOC?

The U.S. Department of Commerce’s FY 2022 Budget requests $11.5 billion in discretionary funding, a $2.6 billion or 29 percent increase from the FY 2021 Enacted level. The FY 2022 Budget makes historic investments in American manufacturing, supply chain, research, and communities to build back better from the unprecedented and simultaneous crises the nation is experiencing; specifically the COVID-19 public health pandemic and related economic challenges, the effects of systemic racial injustice, and the climate crisis.

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Remember, ALL registrants get the COMPLETE slide deck AND the recording, so you don’t need to sit through all 4+ hours of this session. This will be the solid foundation of your entire DOC Account Plan.

Please RSVP and contact me with any questions.

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