Attention CISO's, CIO's and Cyber SME's:  Please join us for our next presentation: 'An AppSec Agenda & Collaboration event':

The next CBC- Cyber Breakfast Club Meeting: Wed, 21 February, 2024 from 7:45 AM - 9:00 AM EST

The speaker for 21 Feb is Nir Valtman

Nir is an experienced information security leader, executive, expert and a public speaker at leading conferences globally, including Black Hat, Defcon, BSides, and RSA.

Before founding Arnica, Nir lead the product and data security across Finastra, established security at Kabbage (acquired by Amex) as CISO, and headed application security across NCR.

Innovation is a key driver for Nir, as reflected by his contribution to open source projects and invention of 7 patents in software security.

The topic for 21 Feb. is "Exploring pipeline-less security- an AppSec approach. How best to optimize developer velocity and security's impact."

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