We hope you will join us for the sixth annual Warrenton Hunt Clay Shoot on Sunday, October 1, 2023. Once again, the course at Granville is being set by Rick Hemingway of South Carolina. Well regarded among shotgun enthusiasts, Rick is the owner and operator of Back Woods Quail Club and has designed sporting clay courses all over the country.


Please note that the warm-up station will open at 9am. This option is advantageous, not only for those competitors looking to groove their shots, but also for those less seasoned shooters to reacquaint themselves with the workings of their guns under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor. Following the safety meeting at 9:45, the first teams may enter the course at 10am. No teams will start after 12:30pm. A food truck will be on the premises for those who wish to buy some lunch and drinks afterwards.


RSVP & register at https://warrentonhunt.com/sporting-clay-shoot/ or email me. We will putting Cyber Sportsmen teams together for this Sunday event as well.


We encourage you to take advantage of the PayPal payment option (which can be found on the Hunt’s website www.warrentonhunt.com) but personal checks certainly will also be accepted. As usual, liability releases must be signed before entering the course.


We look forward to seeing you at Granville on October 1, rain or shine. "Pull"

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