August virtual data privacy discussion on 'The Modern Data Watchtower ' with CEO, Vaibhav Mehrotra: Wed, Aug 23, 2023 12pm - 1pm (EDT).

By Invite only for CISO’s, DPO’s and CTO’s (no sales executives or partners/resellers please).

'The Modern Data Watchtower ' with CEO, Vaibhav Mehrotra. Wed, Aug 23, 2023 12pm - 1pm (EDT)

Agenda: The CEO of (based in SF Bay Area) discuss the data lineage challenges in today’s on-prem, cloud/hybrid cloud environments and how best to monitor unstructured and structured sensitive data using AI-driven workflows. How can AI eliminate data bias in your IT stack and the best practices seen to date. Meant to be a Data Discussion, so collaboration & questions of the AI/ML path ahead will be a focus. Join and gain insight from San Fran Enabled AI leadership focused on today’s PII and PHI issues. I trust that you can join us for any or all of these events. harnesses self-learning AI to automate data security, privacy, and governance for today's enterprises. This revolutionary approach streamlines and achieves greater accuracy with sensitive data discovery so organizations can easily comply with global data privacy laws and regulations. Correlate and build a contextual graph of your unstructured and structured data at petabyte scale.

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