Together, the 17 DOE laboratories comprise a preeminent federal research system, providing the Nation with strategic scientific and technological capabilities. Can you support that mission with your best and brightest in IT and Cyber?

If so, then join us on 25 FEB as we cover all of Department of Energy-we will cover all of HQ, FERC, NNSA, all the labs, all the power authorities, NRC and much more.

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Please join us as we cover all of DoE. We will cover HQ, FERC, NRC, NNSA, all the parts of DoE that will allow the attendees to gain a very in-depth knowledge of DoE and will give the BD Hunter a very detailed knowledge that will boost the attendees process. We will go over each org, the leaders, the current vendors, many opportunities. As a Bonus, there is always strong teaming and networking in the CHAT function of the session.

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