Following up with you after an informative and productive National Library of Medicine (NLM) Vendor Outreach Session hosted by the NIH Small Business Program Office (SBPO). We wish to form a collaborative online series of sessions focused on strategic business development geared for CMS, CDC, VA Health, HHS and NIH.

We at the Agency Deep Dive Series would be honored to have you join us on Feb 8 as we cover CMS. We will continue this momentum from the January NLM session and focus on the strategic BD intelligence (with teaming discussions) for CMS to help you find team members and succeed in 2023-2024. More details and the full schedule at


With added budget and new initiatives post covid, CMS is poised to make great strides in IT, Cyber and AI support (Professional services, IT and cyber products and Program Management) in 2023-2025. see

Please register attend 8 Feb* Deep Dive session here at (using my unique promo code, 'deepdivedan') at registration:

The CMS unique zoom link and full details will then be emailed to you.

My business partner, Glenn Robinson: and I will go deep in the coverage of CMS with BD focused intelligence for 2023 -2025. The chat function is always active for introductions and sharing past performance.

We will cover the entire CMS organization to all components, bureaus, divisions, sections and units. We cover the top opportunities, exhibit 53/300 data, bios, contacts, incumbents, org charts and teaming opportunities in the chat function. We will go over all the bureaus, offices and decision makers in the IT and Cyber divisions.

Need more BD Intelligence?

(You can also purchase our last recording of CMS and the complete slide deck from 21 July, 2023 for $265 (using my promo code):

and a past session on CDC IT Ops:

and HHS coming up on 4 Aug.

Please contact us and we will share any details you need, and help to get you registered for CMS on 8 Feb.

Thank you.

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