Small Business Teams are formed and there is still time to get on this team for this IDIQ! ‘CATSS’- Commerce Acquisition for Transformational Technology Services is a total small-business set-aside (NAICS code 541519, with a small business standard of $25M) and has a base period of one year with options that could extend the contract for up to 10 years. The multiple-award contract is worth up to $1.5 billion dollars, according to the Nov. 12 RFP. Submit written proposals on RFP number 1331L521R13OS0006. The Bureaus will have to run all major CATTS IT programs through Commerce HQ, similar to other agencies (DHS with Eagle, etc.). This is a major change in Commerce Transformation IT and Cloud Strategy and there will be more bumps and delays down the line. Be persistent and hang in there and think Innovation!

We at SBD have been following this opportunity for almost a year and can assist you in all your teaming and BD needs for CATTS.

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